Our history



The company Otto Weidlinger Naehrmittel e.U. was founded in Neumarkt in 1990 by the then owners Otto Weidlinger and Margret Weidlinger.
First, the sale took place in the Neumarkt area and the surrounding area. The area was expanded from Neumarkt and the surrounding area to Styria and Carinthia.

For the first time, only soups and condiments were traded, and only on a small scale. Later, when the demand increased, the product range also expanded.
The company expanded the range of soups, developed a range of pasta and other juices and basic spices.

In 1991 the company headquarters moved to "Kulm am Zirbitz" and is still there today.

In 2009 the company Otto Weidlinger Naehrmittel e.U. handed over to Otto Deweis-Weidlinger, who still owns the company to this day.